Hi everyone! In 2015 I began blogging. Dustin and I had recently moved from Florida to South Carolina. I was a new mother to Brooke and pregnant with my second James. I know that seems like horrible timing to start a blog and I honestly didn't know what I was getting into. I didn't read any blogs other than the occasional Facebook repost and I wasn't really into social media. I had an Instagram but didn't follow any bloggers. Hard to believe right? But it's true. I just thought it would be a creative outlet, a way to keep our family up to date with what we were doing, and as a way to document the transition in my styling process after becoming a mother. I'm really not even sure where the idea came from.  

I didn't have an idea of what I wanted to focus on because it wasn't meant to focus on anything in particular other than our lives. I gave pregnancy updates, put up some of my recipes, and just daily life really. A Sparkling Sticky Style was very suiting because, looking back,  more than anything it would have been categorized as a mom blog I guess. I remember when we went apple picking that first year and we were all dressed for pictures, for fall pictures I'd like to add and it was a solid mid 80's day. We were ALL miserable and the experience just wasn't an all around pleasant one. But I remember thinking, "I need to get these shots for my blog." That was the moment I decided that I would not be continuing to document my family time.  It's wonderful if some families enjoy blogging together but it just didn't work for us. Maybe it will in the future as the little ones get older and want to join in every now and then, but right now we are enjoying our (mostly) undocumented time together.  Anyways, by that time I realized I didn't want my blog to continue in the same direction it was going in, I also realized how much frustration I was going through when it came to styling. Putting my outfits together no longer felt organic and I suppose that's normal for a woman whom just had two babies in three years. However, having a background in styling, I felt it was extremely frustrating overthinking my wardrobe. I remember thinking, "Why is this so hard now? I'm the same person right?" But I wasn't and part of my journey has been realizing that.  

Prior to getting married and having children, I'd always been involved in styling and clothing industry in one way or another. I went to school for business to become a buyer. After two years of 50-70hr weeks I had an 'under quarter life crisis' where I realized that maybe buying/styling wasn't the road I wanted to drive down in life. Styling has always been important to me but I'd never wanted anything more than to have a family and be able to be with my children as much as possible and that meant not being away from them the amount of hours that my career path required. 

And here we are at Evocatively Chosen. Changing the branding and the name of my blog was something that was inevitable and needed to happen sooner than later. A Sparkling Sticky Style no longer makes sense. Over the past six months everyone thats started reading my blog is probably thinking, "What's sticky?" The children. The children are ALWAYS sticky.

My style is constantly evolving and I look forward to sharing more of that with you guys in other post. I've honed in on my craft again and it's much more precise and evokes much more thought than it did before. I've been able to do this in a way that feels easy and I believe it's because I have such a better understand of self than I did prior to having children. It has been a process in figuring that out but one I'm very thankful I went through. 


Your style is a representation of your feelings and your emotions, not a box you have to fit yourself in.
— Manda Lee