Hey guys! A Plant Based diet is an important part of mine and my families lives. So other than Plant Based being super trendy right now, I don't call myself Vegan because I'm not. I try to lead our family in a Plant Based diet during our week but it's pretty much a free for all on the weekend. I'm a foodie so not restricting myself allows me to be Plant Based during the week. There are SO many benefits in trading more meat and dairy centered meals to Plant Based ones and after watching the documentary Forks Over Knives, I felt a responsibility to do so. I can never un-learn the knowledge that came from that documentary. I highly recommend watching it but be prepared to realize that just about everything you've been taught about food isn't true.  

Anyways, one of the biggest hurdles has been learning how to create meals that are not centered around meat, making meals that still feel comforting, and meals that don't take 2-4 hours to make. 

I've gotten a little head way now on each of these areas and I wanted this page to be on my blog to support and help others with a similar health journey. 

I'll pop over here from time to time to share some recipes that are quick and that myself and my family love. Even the little ones! I'm also going to share some of my favorite snacks aka whats considered vegan junk food, that are not only actually tasty but are (mostly) good for you too. I would imagine eating an entire bag of banana nut spouted granola is far better than eating an entire bag Oreos any day. Hope this is something you all enjoy!

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