Monetization & Camera/Lens's coming soon. 

Site Design & Media Kit

LK Design Studio 

I’ve recommended her to so many of you already! She works in the most friendly and timely manner. It was also really important to me to have someone design my site that would be in my corner with the ability to update my site/media kit when needed. (Insert emoji heart eyes for her and her work)  Also, check her out on Instagram @kaitlinfontenot she’s serious INSPO

Desktop Editing & Organizing

External Hardrive

This is something you NEED period but especially as a blogger because most of your business is run from your computer and mobile devices. They range in price from $50-$150.

This is your business so keeping your contracts, images, and videos safe should be of number one importance. Since images and videos are what we do, your computers hard drive is likely to fill up quickly. So at some point a hard drive will be an inevitable purchase your business. 

Once a project is finished I move the folder to my hard drive for safe keeping and to be able to open up storage space on my computer for the current projects/collaborations I’m working on. 

Light Room

Another great tool that I’m sure most of you use is Lightroom. At $10 a month it’s a tool you need.You can sort through and rate images for easier organizing.

This type of organizing can also be done directly on your Apple product if uploading the images directly to the computer instead of some place like Drop Box.

If any of you are not familiar with lightroom, this is where you do all of your basic color adjustments and sizing. You can also buy (VSCO) presets to use in light room, but I much prefer just adjusting each image accordingly. 

*Be aware that you must shoot ‘RAW’ on your camera when using Light Room. After editing, export the image as a JPEG. When you shoot ‘RAW’ you have a larger range in how you can edit the photo while allowing it to stay extremely crisp and clear. 

If you adjust a JPEG image much on Lightroom the picture will become very grainy.

 This site is perfect for image editing 101. If you’re overwhelmed with Light Room start here. It’s where I started. It’s mainly free but you can upgrade to pro for $5 a month. 

The biggest thing you miss out on with using PicMonkey is being able to adjust the white balance and the exposure. (One of the main ways I edit my images for my blog and Instagram)

PicMonkey does allow you to adjust brightness but it doesn't allow for the range that Lightroom does. 

Also, if you are shooting JPEG this would be the preferred way I would tell you to adjust the lighting in your images. It does not become grainy. 



This is by far my favorite app for editing my photos for Instagram. It allows you to adjust so throughly while maintaining the quality of the image. It’s completely FREE. 

One of the best things about SnapSeed is that you can adjust the ambience in each photo, similar to adjusting the white balance in Light Room. I actually prefer the way my images look adjusting the ambience here compared to LightRoom white balance alone. 

Adjusting the ambience allows you to have your background become warmer or cooler depending on what style you prefer for your feed. It does not wash you out like most preset filters do. Very rarely, if ever, do I have to go back and saturate the image after adjusting the ambience. 

One of the other things I love about this app is that you can also adjust items in the image separately with a brush. You can adjust the exposure of just the background or bring the temperature/saturation up just on your skin. I really cannot begin to express just how much I ADORE this app. 


If you’re looking for presets this App is best. You get some freebut the ones I prefer have been purchased. I believe each package is $10 but don't quote me on that. 

The reason this app is the best for presets, in my opinion, is that you can adjust each of the images settings within the actual preset. If you’re using presets this is imperative because your lighting is likely to be a little different in each photo so you have to be able to individually adjust so that they are all uniform.

You can sync all of the images to one particular preset but again, because your shots will naturally not have the exact same lighting in every photo, they’ll likely not look the same without individual adjustment. However, syncing them will get you in the ball park. 

My favorites presets are A7, A8, A9, HB1 & HB2. (All purchased)

Lightroom Mobile

Like I said SnapSeed’s my favorite but LightRoom Mobile also allows you to adjust your images with a pretty wide range of what you can do. This is a Free app.

It does allow you to adjust white balance with a tool but but it’s not very accurate.

It does maintain the quality of the image and it does allow you to adjust the RAW images on this app. 

This is what I would suggest using if you want everything organized in one common place. I again, just prefer SnapSeed to edit so I don't mind having the separate folder on my phone. 


This is what I use to organize and plan my Instagram feed. If you have a blog, having some sort of an Instagram planner is one of the greatest tools you can have and it’s free. 

I started with this planner when Instagram planners were first released. Others charged and because one less monthly fee was attractive to me, this is the one I went with. I’m not sure if others still charge or even what the new planners are out there, but I feel no need to look for another as I’m familiar with the use and ease of this one. 

It’s easy to use and I love that it allows me to shift my grid and see what unpublished post will look like on my feed once they’re published. It also gives me stats on my feed including popular post times, days, and what my most popular images are.