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We are finally here guys! Can you believe it? This process has been more than a learning experience! The amount of knowledge I've acquired through this is INSANE and I can't wait to share that with you guys on a future post.

I feel like I should start by talking about why I've made this change and how I chose my new brand name. A Sparkling Sticky Style started as more of a momism blog and as a way to document the change I went through in style choices after having children. As my style has evolved so has what I blog about. For the sake of keeping this first post from being a novel, that it most likely will already somewhat be, you can click HERE for more background on my blogging story. 

Part of my style journey was realizing that I don't have to define my style. When I'm true to me, my style choices for the day, week, month, are based off of emotion or a particular feeling. That might mean that one day I dress more feminine and frilly and the next I'm more edgy. One day I might be dressed up and the next I'm in a tee shirt and jeans. It's my real life.

When discussing a new brand name, I kept telling Dustin, "I just want an evocative title, something that emotes my daily style changes." After listing to me talk about wanting an 'Evocative Tite' over and over again he said, "Why don't you just name your site Evocative Title and be done?" And that was my light bulb moment! I went to Snapchat to ask what you guys thought and also asked that you send in your recommendations too. You guys were amazing at voting and Evocatively Chosen was your choice! So thank you so much to everyone that took the time to help me decide on this! It really means so much that you guys played such a huge roll in my rebranding! After all, I attribute all of my growth of this past year to God, you, and my team! 

As a way to say THANK YOU, I've teamed up with some of my favorite brands I worked with over the past year to give away 3 goodie bags! Everyone of these products are items I use/wear/eat on a weekly basis.


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This is open to U.S residents only. Giveaway entires will begin Tuesday, October 11, 2016 and will end Tuesday, October 18, 2016. Three winners will be randomly selected. I will email the winners directly. You will have 24hrs to respond. If there is no response within 24hrs a new winner(s) will be chosen. 

Ready to know what all is included? Continue Reading!

Each of the winners will be given a $50 gift card to VENUS. This is one of my first partnerships and I'm so thankful to have continued to work with them over this past year! Have fun picking out some fall sweaters or coats. You could even get in the giving mode by picking out some wonderful gifts for family and friends for the upcoming holiday season! 

Natural and Organic products are life and these EPIC BLEND lip balm are my favorite for lip care. They're my choice because in addition to having such a wide range of YUMMY flavors, they also have vegan and hemp options! I just tried the banana and oh man is it good! Each of the winners will receive 3 of these!

What girl doesn't love a little glam? Olive+Piper is my choice for bringing you all of your sparkly and accessorizing needs. I chose them because they have something for everyone! They have a perfect balance of trendy and classic pieces. They also have some amazing classy chokers. (Stay tuned to my Insta to see those.) Each of the winners will receive both this pair of earrings and this gorgeous necklace featured above! The necklace is called the Brooke necklace and as you all know that is my daughters name so that makes this one extra special. Each piece can be styled with both dressed up and dressed down looks. I wanted you all to have pieces that I felt were timeless and these definitely represent that to me. 

Because I'm HAPPPPPY! Do you guys follow me on Snap? If so,  then you're probably sick of me pairing that song with these socks! Anyways, if you know me than you know I'm pretty silly and light hearted. These Happy Socks are so fun and I feel are a good representation of that inner kid in me and a way I can allow that to shine through even if I'm forced to have my serious pants on for the day. Each of you will receive one of these!  

Let's talk about skin care again. I hit 25 and realized how important skin care is! Maybe it was having little ones and seeing the changes in my skin, or maybe it was just maturing, but whatever the reason was, skin care is now something I take seriously. Joanna Vargas is an esthetician to the stars and she knows her stuff. If you can't visit New York and get one of her famous facials, having her products at home is the next best thing! Her team will be directly sending each winner one of their Revitalizing Eye Creams! And if you didnt win they've included a special promo for you guys to receive 20% off your Amazon order to purchase the eye cream. Code PJYDQ52G and it expires October 28th!

If you ask my husband what my favorite food is, he's just going to give you one word, SUGAR! So if I'm giving away items that are a representation of me, this salty-sweet snack could not be left out! Bark Thins are GMO free and (now that it's cooling down) are always in my bag. My life is so busy so having this tasty pick me up readily available is a must. My littles love them and they come in so many varieties that every type of taste bud will be satisfied! Each of the winners will be receiving the one featured above!

Over and over I've talked about Liberti USA and how much I adore their designs, their company philosophy, and especially their coordinate rings. I've always been drawn to companies that do more than just try to sell you a product. Fashion and accessories are fun and great but there are SO many more important events going on in the world. So when you can mix products that people enjoy with a cause that helps humanity and brings awareness to topics that people other wise might miss being able to help with, it ends up being something so beautiful and life changing. If you can see my right hand in ANY image, I am ALWAYS wearing my coordinate rings. They're my daily staple that I never take off and are a reminder to take a step outside my world and think about others in a larger way.  Each of you will be receiving one of the brass coordinate rings. This ring was one of the first hires for their refugee camp in Sanischare, Nepal. Below is a bit more from Liberti USA about the coordinate collection. 

This exquisite line honors the resettled refuges who have inspired our brand. Engraved geographic coordinates of refugee camps abroad represent the stories behind the collection and the new hope each piece generates.

I hope you all have enjoyed this site launch. Thank you again for following, commenting, and your continued support! I have made so many wonderful friends and learned so much and I'm excited to open this new chapter with Evocatively Chosen. Good luck to everyone entering the contest and to the future winners, I hope you enjoy all of these items as much as I do! Take a look around! I have added a resources tab for those of you who have questions about who I used to create this beautiful space, how I edit my images, and the tools I use. Have a blessed day!


A special thank you to Venus, Epic Blend Lip Balms, Olive+Piper, Happy Socks, Joanna Vargas, Bark Thins, and Liberti USA, for sponsoring this amazing giveaway and being SO incredibly supportive of this launch! Thank you all for being on this journey with me. Brands like you are a big part of why I enjoy this blogging thing as much as I do! 

One more special thank you goes to Kaitlin for this site! You pulled it all together for me and I think my head would have literally have popped off without your help! You have made this process a breeze! I feel fully educated on my site and from someone that is SO incredibly tech illiterate, that means so much! You have been such a blessing and you are ridiculously talented.