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Trendy Fashion Blog | Natural Makeup
Trendy Fashion Blog | Juice Beauty
Trendy Fashion Blog | Juice Beauty Natural Makeup
Trendy Fashion Blog | Natural Makeup

Not a day goes by that I don't have multiple questions on hair and beauty. I feel very minimalistic in this area so I'm always surprised, and particularly when I get a makeup question, that I'm even being asked. 

Depending on how long you've been following me, I've been on a natural makeup journey for quite some time. I've sought out to try new products but always end up going back to the makeup I've worn for years. In the past, I don't think I've found even one natural/organic makeup item I've worn for more than two weeks. 

Earlier this year I thought I found a natural mascara I loved but it took too many layers to reach 'Better Than Sex' length and, let's be honest, with two under three I don't have time to put on mascara for ten minutes. 

Embracing more of a natural look has been convenient as a mother and although, I think it's amazing that she's rocking a clean slate, I'm just not ready for Alisha Keys makeup free status. In comes a brand like Juice Beauty that highlights your features naturally and purely. Gwyneth Paltrow is the creative director for the brand and their products are made with fruit-stem cell technology (same as my daily skin care routine,) they're vegan, and have an organic base. 

Below is a review of my favorite items I was sent:

First thoughts: The packaging is stunning and looks and feels like a designer brand should. I think I said this on SnapChat/Insta stories, but I didn't realize just how scented my makeup was before trying this brand. It's an adjustment not having a scent but prompted me go read some of my labels to see what Ive actually been putting on my face. :-/

Phyto-Pigments Illuminating Primer- The packaging is beyond gorgeous and it has a really beautiful silky texture. It definitely does what it says by illuminating and creating a great canvas for applying makeup. I'm going to have to update you on wearability under foundation. I'm receiving their foundation soon so I'll wear it both with and without primer an update this post. I have worn it over my moisturizer alone and it gave my skin a really pretty glow. 

Phyto-Pigmants Flawless Finishing Powder- Why would you purchase anything else? It works the same as some of the most well known finishing powders but it one ups them all because it's plant derived. 

Phyto-Pigmants Perfecting Concealer-  They had me at 'reduces fine lines' because, as I get closer to 30, I've started to realize the importance of preventative maintenance on my skin and if my makeup can help with that all the better. It has crease free coverage and I was really surprised by how much I loved this. The texture and blendability's quite nice. 

Phyto-Pigmants Luminous Lip Crayon- I wear this everyday! This is by far my favorite item! I always have issues with products drying out my lips but this crayon keeps my lips luscious. It has a creamy feel, beautiful pigmentation, and longevity. Normally anything that's creamy seems to come off quickly but this last relatively long for the texture. The shades are just gorgeous. All of the tones in this line are my go to for lip color! Highly highly recommend this one! 

My makeup in both shots is from this line. The only thing I'm not wearing is the foundation. Like I said above I'll be reviewing and updating this post with that soon. 

I also received their mascara (best natural I've used to far) their cream shadow stick (not used to using a cream shadow stick but the color is beautiful and it's another that reduce those dine lines!)

For those of you with questions on my sweater in the last shot, it's Venus and you can get it HERE. I'm wearing a Small but would even go up a size if you wanted it to fit more slouchy. ($29)

*Thank you Juice Beauty for sending me these lovely items to review! I so appreciate a makeup brand that discloses their ingredients, is earthy friendly, and health conscious. You will forever be in my makeup bag!