Signature Style

I've started mentally considering what I think of as my signature items. I'm not one to define my style but what I'm talking about are the items I always feel uniquely me in.Wanting to define my style or not, there are certain types of pieces I'm always naturally drawn to.

On that list are my gold stackable coordinate rings from LibertiUSA. The are not removed from my finger. EVER. Something about a good piece of jewelry that's minimalistic, unique, and a constant is very appealing to me.

Another one of the items I have on that mental style list is any form of white blouse. The more distinct the better. It's safe to say they hold the largest section in my closet and as a matter of fact I ordered a new one today. I could go into a long post about why these type of tops are so good but they just are. I don't think any further explanation is needed. MY TOP ($24)!!!

What are some of your signature items? The ones you feel most confident and ready to command your day?