Reviving Your Week Old Hair One More Day

Hey guys! So lets address the quick change... it's simple as I got hot.

Anyways, I always try to extend the life of my hair. I'm always busy and honestly I just don't have the time everyday to spend styling. The good news, however, is if you care for your hair properly and style with the right tools you can always extend your wash and style time. 

That being said, sadly, the length of time you can extend your hair style before washing only goes so far. Want an extra day? Here's how I revive my hair one more time before washing. 

First, I start with a dry shampoo. Make sure to pick a dry shampoo for your color hair. This is a product I never skimp on price wise. If you've ever had an experience with bad dry shampoo then you know exactly what I'm talking about. I spray 6-8 inches away from my roots and tousle it around a bit. It absorbs the oil and adds volume back. 

Next, I use a texture spray. Unless I'm going for a specific style, usually I only use texture spray on the last day before wash. It does create a build up in your hair but is great for a little edge. When you're trying to get just one more day hair generally will not look 100 like it did on days 1-3. So for me, giving my hair texture and being intentional to have a style that doesn't look perfect works best. It's that, "Yea, I legitimately woke up like this look." 

Finally, I take my T3 Micro (using the big barrel) and add in some soft curls. When styling with texture spray, they fall softly and give me that salty, just beached it vibe. I comb out once I've put a few loose waves on each side and add (the smallest) hint of Moroccan Oil Argan Oil to the ends. 

The T3 whirl trio is one of my favorite styling tools. It's elegant, interchangeable, and has the best travel case for your wands. It makes me feel like getting ready and I adore product like that. 

Tomorrow is my sweet Brookies 3rd birthday! I feel like she turned 2 yesterday. I never truly understood how quickly time passed until I became a parent. I usually don't make it through the week without crying that my children will inevitably grow up and it's usually on the way to their school listening to HIS radio. Sweet Brookie always says, "Mommy trust me and stop crying. I'm going to stay little and you are going to get big." If only... I never want these days to end. This is such a fun season of parenting. Everything is amazing to her and her sweet little voice and her half pronounced words make me melt. We're celebrating her birthday tomorrow with presents, a cup cake, and taking her to the science museum she's been asking to go to for a couple months. We're traveling to Florida for Thanksgiving next week and she'll have her actually birthday party with family there. :)

Have a great walk to the weekend everyone... Oh and NO I did not let James keep the Mickey from Snap. We have a close to identical one at home but watching that back made me realize that I'm starting to see hints of toddler in that little guy! 

Hello, World!