Wool Blend Sweater

Hey everyone! Hope all of my US friends had a beautiful time celebrating Thanksgiving with their family! We had a wonderful time eating, shopping, and getting to take the little one to the beach. 

The warm weather was a nice change while in Florida however, I'm more than happy to be back in South Carolina where it really feels like the season. It's actually been unexpectedly warm in SC this year and the leaves are just now fully changing. I always wish fall could be a little longer and winters a little shorter. Part of the reason we wanted to move here is so we could enjoy everything Autumn has to offer. Falls park downtown is so beautiful and one of my favorite places to take in the scenery. 

I'm wearing this rust colored swear from Shop Maude. I normally cannot stand anything wool but it's a nylon wool blend and keeps me warm without being insanely itchy. It also comes in a beautiful forest green color. You can shop them HERE

I'm currently knee deep in bubble wrap trying to get my entire house packed up this week. We close Friday and are moving this weekend. I'm sad to leave the house we're in because it's filled with memories of my babies but we're thrilled to own a new home and settle in before Christmas. (Hopefully) This is my only post for the week this week so I hope you all have an amazing one!