Autumn Strolls

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Trendy Fashion Blog | Simply COCO Boutique
Trendy Fashion Blog | Simply COCO Boutique
Trendy Fashion Blog | Simply COCO Boutique
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Hey guys hope you're having a great Thursday! I've unfortunately been nursing two babies with a stomach bug.  I swear my daughter's going to turn into a giant potato from all the starch I've been feeding her. Which, by the way,  hasn't really helped but it hasn't caused it to get worse like the fruit I gave her yesterday, so we're going to stick with it. The only thing that's really helped so far is happy tummy tea. At least it'll be over before Brookies birthday next week and Thanksgiving so I guess I'm thankful for getting a bug sooner than later.  

One of my favorite things to do in Autumn is to take park strolls. It's the one time of year that everything just feels perfect with the changing leaves, cooler temperatures, and breezes. You can feel the hope and joy in the air as the holidays approach.

Both my scarf and my dress are Who What Wear collection for Target.

They were both, "I need diapers but oh wait pretty clothes. No Amanda. Diapers, you came in here for diapers. But I mean it HAS been a long day and there really is no harm in looking because you know, shopping gives you endorphins girl and that's a good thing."

On the ride home: "I feel like I forgot something. Hmm. Weird."

Later that evening: "Man this dress fits perfect."

Getting James ready for bed: "For diapers. I cannot be trusted."

So there's that story... 

I'm also wearing a fabulous duster from Simply COCO Boutique. It's just been restocked and is the perfect jacket for the season. It's super light weight and it's one of those staple fall colors you can wear over and over again. You can get it HERE.  My maxi dress on Tuesday was from them as well and you can still get that HERE. Simply COCO is a  boutique out of Texas and then have a little bit of everything for everyone which I love.  

Next weeks post will be how I give my hair an extra day of life with T3 and maybe an Insta round up for all those asking. I haven't done one of those in FOREVER! Probably due. Have a great walk into the weekend everyone!