How To Do Holiday | Marina Qureshi Dress

The beginning of each year I do inspiration boards for looks and styles for most of my major events throughout the year. Naturally it develops and sometimes changes entirely. It helps give me a clear vision of how I'm feeling and what my current inspiration is. Of everything in my closet it's my favorite because it keeps my artistic vision alive. For those of you that do the 'business of style' you know just how important it is to feel refreshed daily with your style choices. 

Evocatively Chosen has been about taking risk and allowing that to shape and mold the way I put looks together. Looking at my feed over the past year I think that clearly shows how that's developed. So I already knew that my holiday looks would steer away from more traditional hues and venture into something with a little more detail and a bit unexpected. My dress is by Marina Qureshi. I really love that she paired lace with tassel and specifically the color of the tassels are so appealing.   

How do you guys get inspired and what are your plans for NYE?