Twas The Week Before Christmas

Twas the week before Christmas and all through the land, bloggers of every kind had gift guides in hand. 

Here is my last gift guide! I wanted to keep it simple and sweet because I know everyone is SUPER busy this week!

(In Order Of Shots)

1. Venus Define Sport Bottle (As Seen on Fish Tank) 

2. Royal Scout & Co Faux Fur Pillow (Woodland Mink) ROYALSPARKLINGSTYLE 20% OFF

3. Venus Twinkle Lights (I used two for this size lantern)  ON SALE

4. Dyson Pure Hot & Cold Link

5. Royal Scout Neck Wrap in Mink (Again use code ROYALSPARKLINGSTYLE FOR 20% OFF) Also, it's on sale!

6. The Giving Plate ( Enjoy and pass it on) This is one of my favorites and on $12

 Hope you all have a beautiful week!