Black Lace and Trousers

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Hey everyone! We're (mostly) all moved in. I truly expected moving to be such a daunting task but it ended up being as enjoyable as moving could ever possibly be. My sister came to help so it was a giggle sesh most of the time. I'm not going to pretend I'm not exhausted because I am and  especially since James schedule is a bit thrown off.

Brooke however,  is in LOVE with her new room. She's been spontaneously picking up after herself without me having to ask her 100 times. For a 3 year old, that's a clear indicator that she's enjoying her new space. Her chandelier, canopy, and rug should be coming in this week and we are both excited for those. Thank you to everyone who's helped me so far with my design journey. I cannot wait to continue hearing your input and sharing the results with you guys! 

About my look...I'm wearing one of my favorite pair of trousers, daytime lace, and a duster. I can vaguely remember the time where I wore heels everyday but now, with little ones, I schedule my heel days. I feel like I put so many years into prepping my tootsies for heels and after just three years in mostly flats, they're baby soft again. Gone are the days where there was no such thing as breaking in a shoe because I'd conditioned my feet to just deal with it. Now I'm digging around in the diaper bag looking for the last Hello Kitty bandaid I know MUST be in there somewhere. The ones I'm wearing however, are super comfortable and require no Hello Kitty rescue.