A Simple Way to Layer A Dress This Season

I'm a full force, LEO summer girl. I live, breath, and eat sunshine. While I love layering, I'm not a fan of being forced to layer because of the weather. Growing up in Florida, I practically lived in a bikini and sandals. Fast forward to living in South Carolina that's not really an option in fall/winter. Most break out their WINTER apparel at the first cool gust they feel. I mean on Instagram winter starts in September. ;)

 For me, I like to savor each season a little longer. It makes me feel free. But that means my transitional wardrobe is buying long sleeve dresses and light weight knits. Inevitably, it gets a little cooler so I slowly add pieces. My embroidered dress and cardigan are from Chicwish. I love everything I've gotten from them. The cardigan is substantial and feels like a piece. The tassels add some fun detail with the gorgeousness that is the embroidery on this long sleeve dress. I choose to get my dress in a Large for length purposes and it fits perfectly. I'm also wearing my new bag from Mezzanotte. They're a German/Italian leather bag brand and I'm in love with them. So much so that I'll be doing a my ONLY holiday giveaway with them next Thursday so stay tuned for that. My bag is currently on super sale and you can shop it HERE. It comes in 12 color options. 

Have a great Friday and weekend guys! I'll be shooting some looks on this weekend and I would love to get to know you guys on Snap. My handle is Manda_LeeSmith. What's yours?


*Thank you to ChicWish.com for sponsoring this post.