Why hello there friends. So lovely to see you. Hope your week's been bomb.com. So have any of you guys ever shopped at Selfridges? I stumbled across them I guess about a month ago and danggggggggg.....I'm sorta obsessed. IDK how I hadn't come across them before. They carry mostly designer items and I was in literal shock on some of the sales they were running and on items I'd been coveting for a good minute. I couldn't fill my cart fast enough. I will say though, get it while the gettins good because they either sell out or put the items back full price. I get so stoked when I stumble across a new site that I love. I usually end up being oddly devoted to only that site for a few months until the newness wears off. Is anyone else like that? I'll link some sale items I'm loving although all of the 75% off steels that I found earlier are SO. Still, I found some great 50% items. 

Anyways, I snagged this Moschino shirt during one of those unbelievably discounted moments. Moschino always makes me feel really carefree and like a fun, sassy lady! Throw some fur on that and whoa... watch out world. It definitely gets me in the zone and makes me feel way cooler than I actually am. Also, how legit is this coffee shop I was at? From the PERFECT name (The Grateful Brew) to the rad 60's/70's decor, I surely felt in my element. I had a milk, lavender honey steamer. They've got coffee on tap too... yes on tap. Maybe I'm late to the party with that, but I didn't know it was a thing.