Traffic People SS17 Preview

Some of my favorite brands are ones that are eclectic, unique, and nod at different eras. These qualities keep me excited about fashion and styling. Traffic People is a London based brand that exemplifies that. Here I'm wearing a sneak peak at their SS17 collection. I couldn't reset pairing the same prints together. This print bag will also come in a smaller version with a bamboo handle, that I equally adore. As large as this bag is, I've actually been wearing it as a cross-body. It sits perfectly and adds and interesting, visual marker to some of my latest looks. You can take a look at some of their Autumn/Winter 16 looks HERE, some of which will make their appearance on Evocatively Chosen shortly. Traffic People is also sold at one of my favorite retailers and I've included links below to some great sale items.

I paired everything with Seychelles Intrigue Slip On Mules from Shop Maude. Shop Maude always has a great selection of boutique items. Their shoe selection is always so fresh but they sell out almost immediately so if you see something in your size that you love, don't hesitate because it won't be there very long. I'm telling you all that as a friend. I do not make any affiliate compensation from them. You can shop some of their new shoe arrivals HERE.

Hope you all had a fantastic NYE and I just want to take a moment to thank you guys for all of your support and encouragement ESPECIALLY with the change that took place to the site and branding! You guys are awesome and honestly, one of the best parts about this journey is getting to know you guys!