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Hey everyone! Don't you just love when you find affordable pieces that are not only beautiful but actually fit well? Both my blouse and my coat are from Chic Wish. The detail on the ruffle mock neck and button up floral print are beyond beautiful! This top could be placed at designer prices and I would gladly fork it up! It definitely made it to my bi-weekly style rotation list. You can follow THIS link to it. Another beautiful piece I found at Chic Wish was this Vogue forecasting coat. The weight and warmth of it exceeded my expectations for a coat under $100. It drapes so feminine and pretty for a weighted coat! You can follow THIS link to it. I paired it with more lux items like this classically structured bag and lace up sneaker from Maiyet. 


So I wanted to get a little more real, a little more personal then I normally do in my weekly post. The end of 2016 and beginning of 2017 has been rough and emotionally exhausting to say the least. In the past four months I've had to temporarily put family relationships on pause and end other business relationships to protect myself and my family. It's been an undeniable learning experience and while I'm ok, it's been a struggle. I've been so thankful for my husband through this. He's anchored in Christ and is such a great leader for our family. It's been amazing having Dustin by my side to give encouragement and positivity through this mess. 

Something I've learned the past few months is everyones perspective is completely different based on so many variables of their own personal life experiences. I will see events completely different then any other person. I've had to learn that no matter how much I care for someone and want to see them live a life that is full of happiness and not sorrow, I can't force them to make changes or live a different lifestyle.  

"We only find the world we look for." -Henry David Thoreau 

It's been a process in accepting. I've allowed it to completely take up every moment of my thoughts at times. I'm always "a glass half full," or a, "you can always refill that glass," kinda gal. However, trying to maintain joy in my heart when someone I know is hurting has affected me greatly.  I've had to accept that I have to forgive even if it's never resolved or if I never get the chance to truly know they're happy and safe. 

Time may not heal all but it does heal a lot, that and well a lot of grace and prayer! I've experienced personal growth and wisdom that I wouldn't go back and change despite this situation. It's the silver lining I guess. Some things aren't fixed overnight or even at all. Sometimes explantations are not given but yet we have to move on. We have to love. We have to accept what has happened and understand that NOTHING but our own actions will determine our happiness, our positive mindset, our ability to love the life we live, and our eagerness to love those that surround us in spite of the past or what injustices we feel have taken place.

I still don't know the answers on how to fix those relationships and they may never be 'fixed.' The 'fix' may just be me accepting who they are, their actions and choosing to love them regardless. That does NOT mean I love with blind eyes but instead an aware and wiser heart to know when I can't fight their battles for them. Sometimes you just have to let others deal with their own repercussions even if it means staying silent when in your mind you want to scream from rooftops to try to to save them. It's not easy. But it doesn't mean I don't continue to stand for what I believe in or give up hope. It does mean that I have to accept that the only person I can control is myself and the rest I have to give to God. 



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