A Little Princess

Hey guys! First of all, was any one else obsessed with the movie "A Little Princess," when they were young? Anyways, todays post is one I'm very excited to share with you. This was my first attempt at home decor. Although, the credit to this Fairytale themed room goes more to Brooke than myself. Brooke is very bright and colorful. She's sweet and super funny! Initially her room theme was going to reflect that with bright fun colors and a hodgepodge of creative decor. She had a different idea. As we started to pick out items and save ideas to Pinterest, I noticed B was drawn to soft pinks and anything that remotely hinted at a princess theme. This is her room and I wanted her to feel like it reflected who she is. Her room is the only one that's finished so far and it's EVERYONES favorite room in the house right now and I think you all will be surprised at just how inexpensive it was to do her room. I've included links & scroll link below!

Bs rug came from RugsUSA. They're one of my favorite places to get a luxurious look for 'No Way' prices. I chose this rug when I still had Brooks original theme in mind. You can shop it HERE They also have another gorgeous cloud one that I'll likely purchase for her new theme HERE.

Sleeping Beauty Canopy  | UNDER $30!!!

Looking for even more gorgeous inspiration and shopping for you little ones room? Furniture.com is another amazing resource for princess themed bedroom sets. 

Click HERE to browse the stunning sets!