Don't Stay In Your Lane Girl

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I hope you like my style, but I couldn't care less if you don't.

Despite this statement, I promise this an encouraging post. Too blunt? I don't think so and this is why...

My style is about ME it's NOT about YOU. 

Whether you're a content creator or just someone who loves fashion, there can be a stigma to wear what others expect you to. It's easy to loose sight of what you actually love and slide into a habit of dressing for other people. 

If you're a content creator this happens on a slightly different scale, shifting from dressing in what inspires you to putting the focus on what you think the consumer wants. What's trendy. What sells. 

Take a look at your favorite Insta famous style accounts. What is it that sets them apart? They do their own thing. They're setting the trends because the don't care what you think. They're not doing it for the likes or the follows. They're dressing because they're passionate about style and move to dress in an emotional way. 

This isn't about where you get your inspiration from. I'm inspired by other bloggers, Pinterest, spaces, and even random objects on a daily basis. I mean, I love a trend as much as the next girl. What I'm talking about it refraining from taking risk or not wearing what you feel because you're worried whether or not it'll appeal to the masses. What I'm talking about it staying in your 'niche' solely because it's cohesive to your feed when you're really itching to branch out. 

 For the woman not involved in the blogging world, that might mean dressing in Lily Pulitzer even though you don't really feel like you in it, only because you live in the South and everyone else wears it. The minute you stop focusing on what other people think, you experience creative freedom and you learn so much about yourself. 

We change a little bit each day. Think back to five years ago. I bet you're a much different person now then you were then. If we are ever evolving, then certainly our style should as well. 

Paid content. You might be fine with dressing for you but when it comes to paid content you find yourself tailoring to the brand. Most of us have been given the advice, at one time or another in our career, to look at the brands feed and tailor your shoot to their vibe. DON'T. Remember ladies and gents, they contacted YOU. They wanted to work with YOU. They like YOUR style. They like YOUR feed. They like YOUR results and that is why they are choosing to work with you. Sure a repost would be nice for exposure, but don't loose part of what makes you unique for a chance of a repost.

So how do we dress for ourselves. 

Part of the reason Evocatively Chosen exist is because I was an indecisive content creator. A new mom that moved to South Carolina and thought part of my identity would be defined by how I dressed. My identity is NOT in what I wear. I had to break free from that mind set. I needed to be me and express myself differently each day.

Get inspired by scrolling and searching. Find a piece you get lost in, a piece  you're so excited for that an instant vision of an entire outfit ensues.  Maybe it's a piece from your favorite blogger. Maybe it's a texture, color, or simply the feeling you get looking at it. What ever it is, don't settle. Think about why it inspires you and the feeling you have about it.

Try on your 'it' piece and pair items with it that you had in your initial vision. Assess how you feel starting at your head and finishing at your toes. That recent chop chop on my hair? This is why. If you have a feeling. It's right. Trust yourself.

The initial vision might not always pan out because you feel different today then the day you purchased. If doesn't feel good. DON'T WEAR IT. Style it with something different. Think about your mood but be practical. Keep interchanging until it all feels right. As with anything, it's a process.

For me, it's NOT a process that becomes second nature. The reason I do these steps with every outfit is so I don't start running in circles. So that I don't put boundaries on myself. There are plenty outfits I've worn that I feel are too common. Typically when I've felt that way about a look, it's because I didn't follow my own advice and trust myself. You know that or I was just being lazy. 

Don't be afraid to have undefined style. Style without boundaries. Style that's emotionally derived. Style that's ever evolving. 

Don't stay in your lane girl.


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