Amazing People 2017 Edition | The Happiest Cardigan

Manda Lee Smith |
Manda Lee Smith |

This is my last post of 2017 and I'm dedicating it to all of the amazing people I've come to know in this journey over the past year! I'm posting Instagram handles to everyone below if you're inserted in working with them! 

Manda Lee Smith |

Rhett Bingham


My first professional photographer for my blog, the guy behind the lens for the first half of 2017, always willing to work with my crazy schedule, a great friend, and a rock star! He was definitely a huge part of my development as a blogger and was super supportive encouraging me to keep on keeping on through it all...well until he abandoned me and moved to Cali. (Clearly I'm still bitter about that.) Thank you for all the encouragement and obvious mad skill this past year. 



Rony Rivera

He's my friend and current photographer! He's such an artist and is always inspiring to work with. He's the man behind this photo set you see here and all the images you've seen since July. He too is willing to work with my crazy schedule and I appreciate that so much! It's always such a collaborative effort and that's a new and exciting process for me! Mr. Macaroni (as my kids call him) the portrait king with so much vision, thanks for being a part of my team!


Kaitlin Fontenot

Kaitlin is a web designer and mama that does it all! She was so helpful in creating this space for me to create in! She's also done an amazing job on my media kits and is always so open to helping me along the way! She's so encouraging of other boss ladies and I really appreciate that about her! 


Whitney McGregor

Whitney's a local interior designer that I met and have the pleasure of currently working with. She's helping me to design my dining room. I'm a lost cause when it comes to interior design and far too indecisive so I'm extremely thankful to be working with her. It's going to be a really fun process and I'll be taking you all behind the scenes every step of the way! So look forward to that in 2018! 


Manda Lee Smith |


The blogger behind, we did NYFW together and I couldn't have imagined doing it with anyone else. We'd only chatted on the phone before rooming together which would usually end in a nightmare, but it was PERFECT! The most kind and genuine person I've ever met! She kills it on air as a Fashion Consultant and is always an inspiration!


Jacob Bean

Jacob was introduced to me by my sister and traveled with me to New York for fashion week! If it wasn't for him, I might not have made it and for sure wouldn't have made it with all my luggage. He documented all of the NYFW images for both myself & Jackie and is truly talented at what he does... and he does it all let me tell you. From working on movie sets, to shooting, to buying out movie set wardrobes, to celebrity real estate, (and I'm sure there's much more) he's always after it and one of the best networkers I know! I aspire to a Jacob Bean! Also, I'd like to thank him for making us laugh the entire time and for taking some of the seriousness out of New York Fashion Week. I know I definitely needed that! 


Manda Lee Smith |

All The Inspiration Women/Men I've Met This Year

There's SO many of you. If you're another blogger and we've been on this journey together, sharing experiences along the way, I'm so incredibly grateful to have gotten to know you all better over this past year. Having a community that supports and encourages you in a virtual life is more than needed. I hope to meet more of you in real life in 2018. If you work in PR and have believed in me as I've figured it all out, thank you. It means so much to have other people in the industry see something in you and invest time and resources. If you're someone who follows me on IG thank you for not caring that I'm not perfect. I've come to know many of you as friends and your input and time mean the world to me! 

The Last Look Of 2017

A dreary day to say the least, I woke up and to my surprise, wasn't in the mood for black. I'm wearing the Cutness On Sleeves Chunky Cardigan In Candy Pink from Chicwish. Every time I wear it, I'm asked if I knitted it. If I had that much talent, well I probably wouldn't have the time to do anything about it but you get my point. I think you'd be surprised to know that pink is my favorite color, despite the lack of appearances it makes in my wardrobe. Pink is so reminiscent of childhood and pageantry and that feeling inspired me to link more pink inspiration from Chicwish on the scroll below. 

I paired the cardigan with pants that you might think resemble denim or a trouser even but they're actually more like yoga pants elastic, yes elastic, waist band and all. They're high rise and extremely comfortable. 

I'll be going offline for two weeks to spend quality time with my family so I wish you all happy holidays and I'll see you in 2018! 

*Thank you Chicwish for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.