Mahi Leather Duffle

Hey guys! If you happened to catch my Insta Stories where I talked about wearing athletic gear to force a workout sesh or two in, then this post will come as no surprise. I feel like we hit 25 and start to really care about our skin care, if we're hydrating enough, and working out becomes less about looking good and more about being healthy. If I happen to get buns of steel along the way then sweet, but it's really (mostly) about taking care of myself. 

You guys know my schedule is crazy and I went straight from working out to shooting. For those of you that commented on how I look after working out...heck no I don't really look like this! It's called a can of dry shampoo, a bottle of double wear foundation, and some fairy dust!

Anyways, I'm so excited about this bag from Mahi Leather. For days when it feels like my feet don't touch the ground (which is most days) I carry my entire life around with me. This duffle is life for days like that and obviously it's a perfect travel companion. I have the Classic Duffle in limited edition Pink

Mahi Leather has been featured in Vogue and GQ but what makes them truly an exceptional brand is that they use no chemicals in their dyeing process, they contribute to Frank Water, and their products are shipped straight from craftsman! That means an unbelievable price point! My Classic Duffle with personalization was under $110! They have so many other amazing leather goods which makes them perfect for a personalized gift! 


*Thank you Mahi Leather for sponsoring this post. All opinions are views are my own.

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