Bye Bye Baby...Hello Toddler

As I'm sitting here writing this post my children as soundly napping. The house is silent, the kitchen is nice and tidy, and I can breath for the first time today. You would never know that pure chaos had ensued from 7am-12pm earlier today. 

Mark this day as the day that my little sweet sweet baby James turned into a full on head strong toddler. I like to think that most days I'm very constant when it comes to parenting and guiding. With Brookie it would only take disciplining once or twice for her to get the point and move on. But lordy lordy James gave me a run for my money this morning!

FOUR HOURS, yes you heard it right! Four hours I sat in front of our Arts and Crafts cabinet trying to keep him out of it. Were toys offered to deter and steer him away? Yes. Was I firm. Yes. Believe you me, I tried everything! My boy is a Leo if I ever did see one. Dead set on what he wants. He's literally a smaller, blue eyed version of me so I should know how to get him to respond to the boundaries I give him right? WRONG! I can say that I haven't really had a trying day with him yet so I surly would be lying if I said I didn't get frustrated and that I maintained perfect calmness. How quickly I've forgotten this age and how demanding it is to always be consistent. And I know being consistent now will set the stage as he grows because my B is a great example of that. It's just the season of "clear the schedule because #parentlife" and those seasons, while I'm thankful for them, are sometimes trying.

This is my day so far...

Hour one: " You got this girl."

Hour two: "Well I knew he was going to be headstrong."

Hour three: "This isn't working lets try something else."

Hour four: "He might win this one because it's been four hours and I feel like I just can't anymore. Get it together girl and Lord give me patience. How can I solve this? When did he get up today and what time is it? Okay nap time, yes nap time! Winner winner chicken dinner. " 

The point of this post is that I just needed to vent. Being a mom is the most special, awesome, exhausting, and sometimes trying job. Being a mother is the greatest joy I can imagine for my life but today is just one of those days that inevitably happen when raising children. Vent accomplished and it feels GREAT! So thank you guys for listening. We're going to Whole Foods later so wish me luck and pray that a nap is a cure all for todays shenanigans.

Oh and I've been praying to have patience and be slower to anger. BOOM! God says....I'll surly give you the opportunity for that to happen. A tough mom day should help you out with that.!

Funny how that works. I dont just become patient, I'm given an opportunity to learn patience. 

There are no perfect parents, and there are no perfect children, but there are plenty of perfect moments alone the way.

And about my outfit... Once again The Maude Squad does it right! The bouncy sheath dress I'm wearing is a perfect Spring transitional with the faux leather moto I paired with it. Thankfully, our weather has matched a Spring forecast. It was a perfect look for a perfect day. I've really gravitated toward this color lately if you haven't noticed. 

What color is on your spring radar? For those of you that have children, I'd love to hear some of your trying parenting moments and how you get through them.