No, Actually You Don't Have As Many Hours In The Day As Beyonce

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I posted my boots to IG stories when I got them in last month and I received more messages about them than I was expecting. Quite a few of you that said they were gorgeous but that you wouldn't know where to start styling them. I see these boots as more of a neutral actually. 

So on your behalf, I decided to style them with an blouse where the color pattern doesn't exactly match.  The skirt serves as a pallet cleanser in a sense between the two. Separating pattern and color with your bottoms will most of the time do this. Don't be afraid of buying bold color or pattern. It's not as complicated as you make it and if you mess it up, try and try again. You could start by just wearing all neutrals with any bold shoe or top if you're feeling less risky.  Rest assured, eventually you'll find your groove and will get more and more comfortable with pieces like this.

I believe this exact boot only has a couple sizes left because they went on super sale after I purchased them but I've included some more KG styles I love on the scroll. Kurt Geiger is my favorite brands that falls just below designer. The normal price point ranges from I'd say like $100-$300 but there's been plenty of times where I've found them on sale for around $40.

Both my top and skirt are from CHICWISH. My skirt comes with a suede-like lace you can add to give it more of a tribal/boho feel. I choose to leave it out because the boots have more of a modern look to me and I felt the open rings suited that better. I'm wearing a medium. I could have worn a small but when I wear mini skirts I size up to class it up. Ya feel me? You can check it out HERE.  The top is the RETRO WILDFLOWER EMBROIDERED SHIRT IN WHITE. I adore the ruffle detail and the fact that I know this top won't be one of those that I only wear once. I might go back for the olive version!  

Before I go, I wanted to discuss a meme I've seen everywhere lately. I was asked in a recent interview how low self-esteem has impacted me in the blogging world... and while most all that was worked out for me during my Miss Florida USA days with the help of an amazing coach, after really thinking about low self-esteem for a couple days, I was reminded that I edit my images. I airbrush my legs, I change the hues of the coloring, and I have someone remove things like trash and random cars. Why? My legs are often bruised from playing with my kids and most of the time pale, the coloring doesn't fit my IG theme so it needs to appear unified, and who wants to look at trash in photos that I forgot to kick out of the way? Honestly, I could give you 100 justifications but when it comes down to it, it's about an image, a persona that I've created online. So I AM actually putting value on what others think and how they will perceive me even if it's not my sole intention to do so. So to say that that topic does not affect me, even in the smallest form, is a lie. While I can't speak for everyone, I think it's safe to say that most bloggers and especially style bloggers edit there photos in one way shape or form. It's just kind of expected and normal.  The whole thing just got me thinking about this one particular meme I've seen floating around.  This is a topic that despite what industry you're in, things like memes, the ability to look into just about everyones lives with the touch of a button, and the internet in general, easily allows us to compare our lives to others and feel as though we're coming up short.

"You have as many hours in the day as Beyonce." It's been on coffee mugs, tee shirts, and I think there's an Obama version too. But here's the thing, you absolutely DO NOT have as many hours in the day as Bey. Yes, there are physically 24hrs in everyones day that lives on planet earth. However, unlike Bey, you do not have assistants, nannies, drivers, chefs, and most of the time you can't move around your schedule to fit your needs. I could go on but I think you get my point.

I'm not saying she doesn't work hard or that she's not incredibly busy all the time. What I'm saying is that the amount of time I will spend cleaning my kitchen in my lifetime takes away a lot of time that could have been spent working on  goals or furthering my career. To hold yourself to a standard like Beyonce, a famous blogger, or anyone one else that you feel is your idea of perfect, is setting yourself up to feel discouraged and let down when you don't reach goals as quickly. Remember, there's no such thing as perfect. My advice would be to keep your blinders on and stay focused on you. Try taking the time you spend in comparison and instead learn something new about the goal you're striving towards.

Most importantly give yourself grace. I will never perfect and neither are others. Grace gives me freedom to breath easy even when I don't accomplish everything on my to do list or everything isn't just so. It makes it easier to be in the moment and not stress over things I can't control. It's also a good reminder that those people you think have it all together most certainly DO NOT have everything perfect. Hence my airbrushed images and the 1000 processes I go through trying to achieve a uniform feed. So try to give yourselves Grace this week even with the small stuff. :)


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