Dusty Rose Evening

Blazer & Short Set | Handbag |

This is yet another amazing look via Chicwish and it's certain to be sold out quickly. It comes as a set and is priced under $80. You can follow THIS link to check it out. I decided to ditch the belt and opt for something more modern. I somehow managed to find the exact shade of Dusty Rose in a cami bodysuit. In my opinion, if you plan on any tucked look a bodysuit is cleaner and much more put together then a cami or tee. You don't have to fuss with making sure it stays in place and with sites like ASOS having every style bodysuit you could ever want or need, I'd imagine they'll be a staple in 20-17. Click HERE for a full line up of bodysuit styles.

My husband loves THIS look on me but is also pretty verbal about how he feels about my creeper styled Kurt Geigers. It's not the good kind of feels either. Myself on the other hand, I live in them. My best purchase of 2017 for sure. 

I'd love to know what some of your staples will be for 20-17 and as always, I've included a scroll with some favorites from the brands I've mentioned above.