Add Detail And Make It Uniquely You

| My Bag | My Jumpsuit |

When I think about my style ultra feminine is not what comes to mind. I normally feel more myself with some edge involved. It's interesting though because when I shop I tend to gravitate toward really light and more feminine pieces. 

When I saw this jumpsuit from Traffic People I was instantly drawn in. The print is divine and I love the effortless confidence I have in jumpsuits. I got it in and as per usual, Traffic People hit it out of the park but I just felt like part of me was missing. My edge. That extra something that makes me feel uniquely me. 

Adding my favorite choker, one that's not only glam but alluring, really made this outfit feel whole to me. It's just a small detail but without it I just didn't feel complete. For some people knowing what it is that transforms any look to their own unique sense of style comes very naturally. But for me it took years of wondering what was missing and trying to force looks that I didn't feel like myself in to realize that I don't have to fit a narrow view of femininity and look like everyone else. God made me uniquely me and if uniquely me means adding in some rockstar lifestyle to my wardrobe, then you better believe that's what I'm going to do. 

Do you guys have an idea of what detail really makes your outfit feel complete despite what style you're owning? Let me know below!