How I #FlirtWithColor with Clairol

I've partnered with Clairol to create this post. 

There once was a girl whom went in to the salon to have her hair colored a beautiful chestnut brown. This girl was beyond excited because it was almost her 16th birthday and she wanted her hair to shine and sparkle just as brightly as her dress would. A word of warning, this is no fairy tale guys. That little girl was me and I sat down under the dryer just knowing I would emerge with beautiful warm locks only to be thrown into sheer panic as I realized my hair felt strange. It felt, well, like spaghetti. Not delicious firm spaghetti, but the kind that's been over cooked and pretty much melts in your hand. My entire head was burnt. The amount of hair I had to cut off was more than I'd ever cut my hair in my entire life. It was from then on I started using Clairol Natural Instincts at home. 

I've used Clairol Natural Instincts hair color for years. So you can trust me when I say... I know this brand! There's no ammonia and no harsh root line. I feel safe and confident using it.  

So this Spring season it seemed natural that I'd team up with Clairol to help you #FlirtWithColor. It's on my beauty must have list. (Stay tuned for a future video post)  I love that it's semi-permanent so if you're indecisive like me or are scared to commit to color, it lasts around 28 washes. So you can breath easy knowing that if you decide to go bold, you're not locked in for long if it doesnt feel quite right! 

Oh and last thing! Decisions are hard! I'd love to know what color you guys think I should freshen up my hair with. Dark Brown (4) or Dark Warm Brown (4W)? Or head over to Clairol HERE and pick another shade you think I'd love! 


* Thank you Clairol for sponsoring this post! 



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