Bestie Brunching X Hammitt LA

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Hey everyone! I hope you had an amazing Easter weekend! Ours was really relaxing and full of love! I'm just thankful everyone managed to get well in time for Easter. It seemed like one by one last week everyone came down with at least two types of sicknesses. A few doctors trips, lots of laundry, and cuddles later, we're out of the danger zone! 

Brookie was so excited to have a girls day and take pictures with Mama. We're toting our gorgeous 'Mommy & Me' bags from Hammitt LA! Over the past year Hammitt has easily become one of my favorite luxury brands. Their playful, effortless designs paired with the most amazing quality leaves me in awe of every piece I have from them. Needless to say, I was thrilled that my little one and I would get to experience the cuteness that is matching bags from their newly launched line!

My bag is the Daniel. For all my mama friends with littles, or for my expecting friends, it's so roomy and could easly serve as a diaper bag if you added an organizer insert. One of my favorite things about a Hammitt bag is the cell phone pocket on the back! I loose my phone embarrassingly too often but never when I'm carrying one of my Hammitt bags! 

Brookie is carrying the Shane extra small backpack and she LOVES it! It fit's all her 3 year old essentials including her sweet pup pup, large fake diamond ring, glitter lip balm, notepad, colored pencil, a Doc McStuffins fake bandaid, Peppa Pig watch, and cute little shades! While her little items are of course necessary ;),  I'd happily like to note they are NO LONGER tossed amongst the items in my bag since she received her backpack! #momwin ! The leather's soft yet durable and the hardware is beautiful and well made. It's definitly tough enough to endure the adventures my B is sure to take it on! 

They have a few different options of bag/print combos that I've included below on the scroll!  Little ones or not I would absolutely be picking up one of the two new prints to add some fun to my Spring/Summer season! Oh and side note... binged watched Gossip Girl...yet again.... and spotted some of my favorite pieces from Hammitt on the show! Some how that makes me feel like I'm pretty much a part of the cast. Haha... What ever I need to tell myself right?! 

Hammitt is not for a reason, nor for a season but for a lifetime.
— Tony Brockton CEO