Giving into Gingham

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Manda Lee Smith | EvocativelyChosen
Manda Lee Smith | Evocatively Chosen
Manda Lee Smith | Evocatively Chosen

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Today is when I admit that I usually LOATH gingham. Why you might ask? I can't really give you a reason other and I just don't like it 99% off the time. Never say never because that 1% will ALWAYS have you eating your words. Just like I said I'd NEVER listen to country music and here I am years later with 4 presets on my radio. 

I saw this Chicwish statement top and reluctantly knew I must have it! I tried to fight it so hard you guys have NO idea! I was even predisposed to think that even though visually I loved it, I'd probably hate it on. Then I tried it on and I loved it even more. So I'm not sure if that makes me a fan of gingham now, but it does make me a fan of Chicwish even more for taking a trend I'm not about and helping me see it through different eyes. 

I just thought I'd mention that yesterday I purchased  (with my own $$$) another gingham top... and so the evolution begins! ;)

I paired it with a new pair of laser cut Fendis that I've coveted since last Spring and a Zara bag

Do you guys have one trend that you couldn't help but give into loving?