April Scent of the Month W/ Scentbird

Manda Lee Smith | Evocatively Chosen
Manda Lee Smith | Evocatively Chosen
Manda Lee Smith | Evocatively Chosen

I'm just a girl in the world and like my style, my scent preference changes on the daily! If you're anything like me or you like to save $$$, then you're going to want to know why Scentbird is my jam and the best fragrance destination! 

The April scent of the month is Guerlain - Mon Guerlain and it totally inspired the romantic shot of me above! The notes include Album Sandalwood, Carla Lavender, Sambac Jasmine, and Vanilla Tahitensis! Every time I wear it I have at least one moment where I'm wondering what wonderful smell someone is wearing and then I realize that the wonderful smelling person is me! It's really quite lovely. It's not often that I find a scent that speaks to who I am like Mon Guerlain does. I feel my soul scent is Jasmine so it doesn't surprise me that I feel so fondly of this fragrance. 

If these notes aren't your particular cup of tea, that's quite all right because Scentbird offers over 450 brand name fragrances ranging from Versace to Dolce and Gabbana. With smart search they help you narrow down fragrances by your scent note preference. One of the best things about Scentbird is that I don't have to commit to a full bottle. Personally I have to wear a fragrance over and over to really sense if I love it or not and usually by the time I realize I like it but don't love it, I'm $150 in the hole. So here if I dont love it than it's on to the next but if I do, I can choose to buy the full sized bottle and receive $15 off!

"Why hello Mon Guerlain, it's me Manda.  I'm looking forward to spending the next six months to a year with you. You're so romantic and now affordable with this $15 off. I hope you dont mind if I still try out other options but don't worry they're not full size like you!"

Okay now that my moments done... Roller ball you say! Just buy the roller ball. That's a good solution if you're indecisive. WELL... Scentbird is usually half the price of a roller ball coming in at $14.95 and contains the same amount of fragrance. Can't really argue with that! 

Also, you're first month includes a complimentary white case that's SO convenient! If you caught my Instagram Stories about it than you know that the twist up to open and close makes it the perfect way to travel with your favorite scents. It also fits in my Gucci and almost nothing fits in my Gucci so it's kind of awesome! Each month you're sent a new vial of fragrance and it's really easy to change! I actually NEVER use my entire fragrance vial in a month so I love that I have the option to purchase other color carrying cases to keep my extras in or to match my accessories! 

What are your favorite fragrance notes? Are you a classic one type of scent kinda person or a new day, new me, new fragrance kind of person? Oh and PS! How did I not mention that this subscription service is for ladies and gents?!?! 


* Thank you Scentbird for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.