Nude Set: Date Night Approved

Manda Lee Smith |
Manda Lee Smith |
Manda Lee Smith |

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Hey guys! Last week I talked about summer styling as a mom. This week I'm talking about my off duty, work that booty (for my husband obviously) styling. As a matter of fact Dustin walked into the room right as I was trying this on for the first time and he was all like, "Heyyyyyy." And I was all like, "OMG STOP." Even though I totally loved it! #marriedlife

This is actually a two-piece set from Chicwish! When it comes to building my wardrobe, I adore shopping versatile pieces like this! It's fantastic that Chicwish sells them together instead of individually, keeping it super budget friendly! This one is priced at $67 and some change which is so affordable considering the fact that you can instantly have three totally different looks. I've already styled this top with another pair of high-wasted shorts this week. What's even more grand is that, in addition to nude, Chicwish offers this set in black and then white as well. 

I paired the skirt with some vintage earrings I found out treasure hunting (favorite thing to do ever) and my ever so faithful Stuart Weitzman sandals. They really deserve a MVP award for how much use I've gotten out of them in the past 2 years! I added a print with my bag from Traffic People

I'm super excited for this weekend! My sister and her sweet babies are coming to visit us! Our plans include going to the fair, grilling, and going to explore a few really old homes that are in the woods around the corner from my house. I've been itching to explore them since we moved in. I just learned that they're panning to knock them down and build a subdivision, so time is of the essence. BOOO to progress! Anyways, there may be a teeny tiny chance that we could get arrested for trespassing. But I figure it's worth the risk to live out my childhood archeological dreams by finding some 100 year old bottles or something! 


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