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This yellow grid dress from Shop Maude, while fun and summer appropriate, is not the normal style I gravitate toward. Instead of going with my gut, I took a leap and jumped outside of my style comfort zone. I got it in and it shouldn't have surprised me that I felt slightly uncomfortable in a truly comfortable and cute dress. Be it my my mood, or my feelings for the day, I sat and thought now what?! Return it or take on the challenge? It's obvious what I chose and I'm glad I did. We all have had that moment when we order something and it's either not what we expected, or we purchases it on a whim and don't fall in love with it at first sight. So here's a few tips to challenge yourself and see how it feels to make something your own when you don't immediately identify with it. Where do you even begin? 

Choose A Direction And Build From It

What feeling does the piece give and does it make sense? What inspired me to choose this dress in the first place was that it was fun, easy, and bright. The definition of summer. I knew some interesting and season inspired, trendy espadrille slides would meet all three I described above. I found THESE at Zara.  I already owned this picnic basket bag and it clearly fit the genre. 

Add Layers

Most of you are well aware of the impact layers make with an outfit. If there's an area or something in particular that you don't care for on a piece, layering is a great way to cover, camouflage, or to bring definition. To add more shape to this dress I could have added a cardigan or denim jacket tied at the waist. Instead, I opted to wear my bag as cross body and have that be the focus. 


Just as important as accessorizing. I would have loved to have worn two top knots with this but ended up feeling the moment with my hair down. I wore a muted red lip that picked up on my watermelon espadrilles and all over fit the theme. 

Brainstorm Other Style Direction

It's important to always have other style ideas in mind. The reasons being, you may not want to spend any additional money on the look and don't have the particular items that fit your genre OR the obvious choice still just doesn't feel like you. Taking my usual look and styling, I like some sort of edge. It's usually where I feel most comfortable although I do switch it up quite a bit. I could have paired this with military boots, a longer denim jacket and some Raybans...You'll likely end up seeing that look on IG.  

But if all else fails, get your return on ladies and gents! Sometimes, regardless of what you do, it's just not meant to be... And that could also totally be a relationship quote! I hope you found these suggestions hopefully and helpful if (when) you find yourself in the same situation! 

Have a great weekend everyone and come back early next week for a plant-based or vegetarian recipe post that I'm actually about to devour right now!