What To Wear When You Just Cant Even...

Manda Lee Smith | EvocativelyChosen.com
Manda Lee Smith | EvocativelyChosen.com
manda Lee smith | EvocativelyChosen.com

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Hey everyone! Happy to be back again this week with another one of my Chicwish favorites. At this point I need to invest stock right? I can't get enough of them! I'm wearing the 'Relax in Ruffles Dolly Dress" in mint. 

Billowing, feminine, and neutral. Dresses like this are a staple to have in your wardrobe. Those days, we all have them, where we fumble through our closet for what seems like hours. We try on everything and feel like it all comes up short. The days when we want to get back in bed, eat a box of chocolates, and indulge in horrible T.V but alas we cannot. We are busy, we are driven, and sometimes well, we just don't have any other option. We are forced to throw back an espresso, put on our big girl panties and handle it. 

I present my case on why dresses like this are ideal when you just can't even:

A. You don't have to wear pants. Immediately a good start. 

B. You don't have to think.

C. You look pretty, even if you don't feel pretty. 

I particularly love my Relax in Ruffles dress because it's neutral but has gorgeous lace detail making it easy and unnecessary to add accessories. It's a great length that I could use it as a tunic into the fall. Transitionals are always a good option. The dress itself has a natural ruffled look even after being pressed so you don't have to worry about being wrinkled on an off day. The name really says it all. In my best Ryan Gosling voice, "Hey girl, you deserve to Relax in Ruffles and this bouquet of Roses I just had sent to the office." Below is more inspiration for dresses when you don't feel like getting dressed.