Smart, Sexy, & Confident in b.tempt'd

Manda Lee Smith |
Manda Lee Smith |
Manda Lee Smith |

There's something about every piece of your outfit being perfectly paired including what's hidden underneath. Lingerie makes me feel empowered. We live in an age where it no longer has to be hidden, where embracing sexy detail is no longer taboo. We can confidently wear our lingerie in whatever way we choose without judgmental eyes.  

For me, lingerie is an essential element for styling. Today is all about b.tempt'd and their stunning detail. Focusing on smart, sexy, and confident women, b.tempt'd never cuts a corner. They size from 30-38 in band & B-DDD cup sizes. Wear for your eyes only or with clothing to showcase signature style but regardless of the way you wear, these fresh dreamy styles create inspiration to conquer your hearts’ desire. 

I'm wearing the b.charming Bandeau in Antler and b.inspired Convertible Push Up Bra in Night/Dazzling Blue.

The b.charming Bandeau is fun, flirty, and a perfect weekend piece. Superbly comfortable, I found myself dancing around while cleaning wearing it paired with a fun flannel. There are 3 color options. I choose to keep it simple and light blush color but don't be afraid to have fun with this one and go bold! If you're a fan of sleeping in your bra, I highly recommend this one for comfort and style. 

It's sometimes difficult for me to find a brand that caters to my size (32D to 32DD) Many times the fit is far from being right but the b.inspired Convertible Push Up is very supportive while still maintaining a true feel of comfort.

Ways I Layer & Inspiration to Pair With Your b.tempt'd Styles: 

  • It's all about sheer. Being able to flaunt intricate detail of my delicates inspires and leads me to get creative. There's no doubt that this trend is holding strong this season. My favorite right now is sheer that's not expected. Try a jumpsuit or colored sheer. I've got my eye on some beautiful burgundy and cream tops that would work wonderfully with lingerie styling.  

  • Open back detail is another perfect pairing for showing off your lacy layers. This look can be as classy or edgy as you choose to make it! I styled my b.tempt'd looks both ways. The first wearing an open back white blouse to keep it classic and daytime appropriate. I later styled the b.inspired Push Up Bra with an extremely low cut LBD. Perfect for date night. 

  • Feeling bold and beyond basic? Try layering over top of your favorite dress! Add a layered wrap belt at the waist to create some structure and flaunt it girl! Or you could layer a basic T-shirt to transform something minimal into an eye catching and interesting ensemble. I'd go beyond to pair with cute pair of high wasted denim and a blazer to transition from day to night.  

Thank you to b.tempt'd for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.