House Of Nonie | 2090

Manda Lee | Smith
Manda Lee Smith |

Recently introduced, and ultimately struck, House Of Nonie is awe inspiring. 




I often don't find the 'wow' in brands that define themselves this way. House Of Nonie is the statistically improbable rare flower that survives winter. The snow, accustomed to being the center of allure, is now overlooked because this flower stands so distinctly amidst it. 

Recently someone commented on one of these images I posted to IG and said something to the effect of this being a look for 2090. Yes, ahead of its time and stepping into uncharted territory. I agree. 

I'm wearing their X-Wide Leg Trousers & their Trench

We decided to play with shadow and really give this look the allure it deserved, it also prompted this random and fun video that Rony  (my photographer) shot.