Rug Install & Shoot | Starting The Design Process

Hey guy! This isn't my typical post with lots of pictures, but it's something I'm extremly excited for that I can't wait to share. We bought our home last year and I had this idea that I would master interior design and here we are a year later with no real feel for the entire home. I'd say I was about four months in and just gave up.

I'm finnally back at it and re-designing my dining room space, and by me, I mean Whitney McGregor. She's an interior designer here in Greenville and I was so excited when I got the email that she'd love to help me design the space. She's a real artist at what she does. If you head over to her IG account HERE, you can see some of the fantastic spaces she's put her magical touch on.

Our first meeting was at Methodical coffee. She walked in wearing a chic fur coat and sat down with a smile. She looks like she could have come straight from the pages of Vogue. She explained to me the process and how she works to take all of the scattered thoughts I have on design and tie them together to create a space that's unique to me.

She told me to go home, create a Pinterest board and go crazy! She wanted me to pin ANYTHING that really stuck out to me. What she noticed is that I always went for architecture and anything white and bright. 

The first piece she chose was a white geometric print rug which you see in the above video. I was unsure about it when I saw it digitally and for the simple fact that I have children and it's white, however,  I felt that I needed to trust her with this, and I'm so glad I did. The minute we received it, I knew it was the right call. 

 Our next step is trim, and Whitney has some AMAZING things planned!  

What's your ideal space? I'd love to know below.