5 Trends | Spring Dresses

Manda Lee Smith | EvocativelyChosen.com

I can feel it in the air, Spring is almost upon us. With the temps steadily climbing, my dress collection is making it's way to the forefront of my closet. Below are 5 trends for Spring dresses. 

1 | Utilitarian & Future Simplicity

Dresses that are made to be more useful than attractive. While this style dress might be screaming wives from The Handmaids Tale to some of you, there's something easy and calm about a monochromatic look with lines that are light on the eyes.

2 | Contrasted & Saturated

While pastel & bold color are both on the forefront of Spring, and even though I've been coveting both, bold color has been catching my eye more often than pastels. 

3 | Transparent/Plastic

Burberry's sheer plastic trenches are a thing of dreams. Combining these two creative trends together is next level. Think the allure of sheer with the rain protection of plastic! A Spring layering must with a slip dress underneath.  

4 | Print's and Pairing 

Finding fun and exciting prints only to mix them with other exciting prints is definitely something to fawn over. Florals, logos, checks, polka dots! Send them all my way! 

 5 | Still a 90's Baby

Still hanging around, your childhood memories busting at the seams with all of your 90's dreams. I'm glad this trend is still around and still evolving. After all, I do have a new Polly Pocket to buy. Yea, they're coming back.

  If the outfit I'm wearing were a person, she would have been born in the Victorian era, found a time machine, went back to the 90's, moved to Florida, and taken up tennis. Anyone else get that vibe? No? Just me? Okay moving on! 

I'm wearing the Pure Beauty Puff Sleeves Frill Hem Dress from Chicwish. One of the many gorgeous and affordable dresses they have new for Spring. 


Manda Lee Smith | EvocativelyChosen.com