Summa Lovin: Skin Must Haves

Manda Lee Smith |

I think back to the days when I hadn't a care about my skin or my summer routine. If the sun was out, so was I, toes in the sand and taking in every beam of sunshine. 

Then it happens, one day you wake up and your thinking about your skin. I was 25, staring in the mirror looking at all of my freckles, wondering if the years of carelessness had caused any real damage. I booked a dermatologist appointment and started hoarding skin care. 

Three years later, my summer skin is all about protection and hydration. Today I'm sharing my current rundown of summer skin protection & hydration products I use every day along with some extra extras that I've been reaching for this summer. 

Kicken it off with the STAR of the summer show: SPF  

Manda Lee Smith |


Unseen Sunscreen: Invisible gel SPF that glides on like silk. I was especially excited to try this on Dustin with his dark complexion, and after doing so he essentially stole this item from me, but you guys better believe mama bears going to be stealing it back. Sorry honey. I'll get you some soon.

SPF 45 Mineral Setting Powder: When it comes to my face,   I'm always protected. I start with an SPF under my makeup and then set my makeup with this. Ladies and gents, one of the critical pieces in preventing wrinkles are lifestyle choices and SUN PROTECTION. Take it seriously if you want to keep that youthful glow. 

Morrocan Oil Sun

SPF 30 Face Lotion: Light-weight, you'd never know you're wearing it under your makeup. The reviews of this product speak for themselves. It's a key part of my morning skin routine. 

SPF 50 Sun Lotion: I've very much enjoyed this product lately. The smell is terrific, and I'm a fan on the dispensing method and consistency of the SPF itself. Some of you might prefer a full SPF, but for me,  I find that the texture of this blends in much more natural. It gives my skin an instantly hydrated look that I love too. 


SPF 50 Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion & SPF 50 Blam Stick: I started using both of these last year. The sheer lotion gives 24hr hydration with maximum water resistance. I'm a  big fan of the balm stick. I trust putting it on my children's face, and it applies rather smooth which makes for happy children. After all, who enjoys having your face practically rubbed off trying to apply sunscreen?  I have one in each of the kids' bags and my own throughout the year. 

SPF 50 MINERAL Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen Lotion: All the benefits of the ultra-nourishing Avène sunscreen line with the option to use this on your little little ones. It's safe for six months up. 

Manda Lee Smith |

Erno Laszlo

Multi-Task Eye Serum Mask: This is the first product I've used from Erno Laszlo, and I can't wait to try more from them! It calmed my skin, reduced the darkness under my eyes, and illuminated the entire area. It's an essential part of my morning routine. 



Jade Face Roller: While I'm wearing my eye mask and sipping a french press in the AM, you can usually find me rolling it out after a few drops of skin oil. If you've never used a jade roller, I highly recommend you giving it a go. They're inexpensive, relieve stress, and all while reducing puffiness. Tip: Put it in the fridge overnight for an extra cooling boost during summer! 


Organic Rosehip Oil: Hair, nails, skin, and face, the oils I've included do it all. The Rosehip I specifically use on my face. It's a deeply nourishing oil that reduces discoloration; something I have a good bit of. I've heard rosehip oil is good for scarring as well and if you guys follow my stories, then you know I've been dealing with some post-acne scarring from my first trimester of this pregnancy.

Organic Argan Marula Oil:  This oil reduces the appearance of pores and helps your skin to retain moisture. I use this one as a full-body oil but also use on my face every other day as it's said to help with hyperpigmentation. A perfect part of your AM & PM nourishing routine. 


Thermal Water: This lovely mist calms, soothes, and softens skin. It's a perfect outdoor essential and excellent for any time you need an extra hydrating skin boost. It's certainly a cult favorite and highly recommend for all times of the year. 

Manda Lee Smith |


Body Buff: Body Buffs are a favorite part of my summer skin. I use them before any extended stay in the sun or a day or two before a spray tan. Use this scrub when dry and buff off dead skin.  It's from Moroccanoil so you can better believe the scent is fantastic. Another +++ about this product is that nourishes how a body scrub should. 


Phantom Hydrating Dry Shampoo Foam: Regardless of the time of year, dry shampoo is a beauty product most ladies can't live without. During vacation time I notice myself grabbing for it even more. I'd much rather spend my time doing anything other than my hair on holiday, and dry shampoo makes that possible.  Not only does this dry shampoo absorb excess oil and revive your hair marvelously, but because it's a foam, it's super fun to use! 


Dry Texture Spray: Salt sprays have had their time in the sun and maybe a little too much time. I love the beachy texture salt sprays give, BUT there have been VERY FEW that don't leave me needing to wash my hair immediately. With that being said, this year, I've ditched the salt spray and have stuck to texture sprays completely. I get the volume I need without so much sticky buildup. Oribes version is great because it works as a two-in-one to absorb oil and build texture simultaneously.

What are your travel plans this summer? Are you stay-cationing? Traveling somewhere new where you live? Or are you jetting off to a tropical adventure? What summer products do you guys keep on hand?