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Manda Lee Smith |

Sometimes I think vintage in the fashion world gets's stuck in a few eras and we forget about the impact the last 100 years has had on the industry. Everything is a revolving door. Take my current obsession, all the straw, and woven bags! The one problem I have with them is that unless you're spending 250+ on what I consider a relatively trendy item, they all beeesssss basic. Be prepared to be carrying what everyone else is. I know some of you may be 100% okay with that and that's great but what inspires me about fashion is uniqueness and stepping outside the realm of what everyone else has; taking a trend and tailoring it to your unique style.

Manda Lee Smith |

But I hear you sister, how do we do this if we're not willing to shill out all the $$$$ for the newest IT trend? Sometimes you've got to take it way back girlfriend, and I don't mean the 90's. Take a few minutes on google to figure out what era your latest obsession is from. In this case, the 60's & 70's had an outpouring of unique, handmade woven and stitched bags. Unusual, often bold, often colorful, and indeed now one of a kind, these bags usually come in under $50. 

And to answer your question, most are very lightly used, and a good few are brand new if you're willing to pay an extra $25 or so. Bead bags are another up and coming bag trend that you can find less expensive and even better-made versions as vintage pieces. These are pieces that no one would likely realize are vintage unless you told them.

Vintage bags are incredibly fun to find. My first was at a local antique shop here in Greenville, SC. They have a dedicated vintage fashion section which totally inspired a 'Sweetest Thing' parody moment with my sister. My second came from my very own mothers vintage booth. You'd be surprised at just how easy it is to shop them online as well. Etsy has the best selection of woven vintage, in my opinion.

Manda Lee Smith |

Now there's vintage, and then there's luxury vintage, for you ladies that want more of an investment piece. Every season we see one luxury bag designer take the forefront of being the most coveted brand bag to have. In recent seasons those designers have been Saint Laurent, Chloé, and Gucci, to name a few. This season Fendi seems to be in the spotlight. Via my browsing history, there's a plethora of newer vintage to be had at perfectly affordable investment prices and sure it's not the cute logo mini bags or the Kan, but vintage is in ladies so be thankful for that and rock it while it's a thing. 50d7d30bc77bd755e8a8460d4452a8cf553dd3cfc061b89c45

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