Clarins Double Serum: A Years Journey

Manda Lee Smith |
Manda Lee Smith |

Last year I was introduced to Clarins Double Serum. One year later, it's still a part of my daily skin care routine. Keep reading to find out why. 

One year ago, I had the same combination skin that I've always had. While I considered my skin to be 'good skin,' getting closer to thirty, I began to notice early signs of aging.

As with most products, I began using Clarins Double Serum with the expectation that maybe between 1-3 months I could expect to start seeing results.

To my delight, I quickly began to see my skin look visibly more radiant, hydrated, and firmer only seven days after starting the serum as a part of my daily routine.

Manda Lee Smith |

Fast forward six months later, and I'm standing in my powder room in eager anticipation, hoping to see two little pink lines. What followed was the excitement of realizing those prayers were answered. 

Wrapped up in the joy of being a mother the third time over, I'd somehow forgotten what the first trimester felt like. Nausea and exhaustion came soaring back with more grit then they had the first two times around, and even though trying, these symptoms were expected. 

But then I began noticing a side effect I'd never experienced before; skin problems. 

I was dull, broken out, and experiencing skin darkening. Where might you ask? Well of course in the place every girl wants her skin to darken, just above my upper lip creating an illusion of a mustache. "Great...just great!" If I wasn't feeling yucky enough already right? Why did no one warn me to stay out of the sun?

Fact: When you are expecting your skin care resources are GREATLY limited.

All the products that were supposed to help with the skin issues I was having were now off limits.

I cannot tell you how grateful I am for Clarins Double Serum; my knight in shinning Turmeric. Regardless of your skin concerns, gender, or baby mama status, everyone can use this serum. 

I've been avoiding the sun, laying on SPF when I can't, and continuing to use Double Serum day and night through this trial. Present day, I'm confidently about to enter my third trimester with skin that's almost entirely restored to its pre-pregnancy glory. 

If you're just being introduced to this nutrient packing serum, below are a list of key benefits and ingredients making this one product everyone can use as part of their skin care routine. 

Star Of The Show: TURMERIC

Packed with over 400 antioxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and supports cell communication. 

For Firmer & Smoother Skin

Avocado, Green Banana, Red Jaina, and Myrothamnus.

For Beautiful Radiance

Teasel, Goji Berry, Beautyberry, and Horse Chestnut

For Nourished Skin

Kiwi, Mary's Thistle, Oat, and Orthosiphon

For Intense Hydration

Leaf Of Life, Marsh Samphire, Quinoa, and Cocoa Tree

For Anti-Aging & Pollution Protection

Huang Qi, Mango Tree, Ginger Lily, and Edelweiss

Manda Lee Smith |
Manda Lee Smith |

With the list of goodness above Clarins Double Serum works hard to protect our skin from the inside out. Thank you Clarins for this year of beautiful skin and for coming to my aide when my skin needed it the most! Cheers to many more years of radiant skin! 

And for all my friends and followers reading this, head over to Clarins now to try out this fantastic product and be a part of this skin family I love so much!