How To: Conscious Wardrobe Update

Conscious Wardrobe Update |

Every season there’s an endless amount of updated trends and must-haves. Unless you’re a celebrity or a style blogger (much above my caliber) it’s likely you’re not entirely updating your wardrobe with the newest IT pieces of each season. Today I’m sharing how to update your wardrobe consciously, so it feels freshly revived.

2018 Autumn Wardrobe |

Let’s talk about shopping smart. I’ve often invested in pieces that stand the test of time; pieces that rarely go out of style. I call them my “Always Pieces.” Chances are you have one or all of these in your closet and if you do you’re in luck because items like these can always be put to stylish use. If you don’t, a great way to begin to build a wardrobe that transitions through the years is to invest in one well-made item that you need in your closet per season. These are the pieces that it’s okay to spend a bit more on for quality.

Conscious Wardrobe Update |

My updated piece in this look is the skirt, a perfect neutral piece I was lacking. Everything else in this outfit was purchased years prior.

Fall Wardrobe 2018 |

So you have some great basics, this is where it gets fun. Do a mood board, kind of how I did here and pick some of your favorite trends, colors, and patterns of the season. Choose to invest in one designer piece you love or a few reasonably priced trendy pieces. Mix and match with your ‘Always Pieces to’ create new looks.