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Manda Lee Smith |

A little bit ago I talked with you all about what it truly meant to live your best life. I’m not talking about a life that’s perfect or free from all stress. I’m talking about living a life that cast aside negative thoughts and allows you to care for yourself fully. When you are taking care of you, you can better care for the people you hold dear, better manage stress, and diligently take steps to the dream life you’ve always wanted.

What is the reason you want to pursue a better life? I want to know, what’s your “Why?” The reason I’m asking is when we know our “Why” it helps us push through tough days and setbacks. So please, don’t let the big picture scare you. Small changes lead to positive habits that begin to affect all other areas of our lives.

First step? Starting from the inside out. As cliche as it sounds, when we feel good, we do good. Are you tired? Are you weak? Are you stressed? Are you have trouble focusing your thoughts? All of this is significantly affected by your diet and nutrients. How can we possibly focus on anything positive, when all we are worried about is how bad we feel?

This week I’ll be sharing some of my favorite products and routines I implement into my life that helps me to care for my body in hopes that you too, can work toward living your best life.

What is Natural Vitality Natural Calm and why do we need it? Magnesium is a tool vital for so many processes of the body. Magnesium promotes the reduction of stress, allows for proper calcium absorption, promotes heart health, healthy blood sugar levels, and even eases migraine headaches and PMS. Magnesium is vital for the adequate functioning of hundreds of enzymes. (SOURCE HERE)

We all know that a diet full of fresh fruit and veggies is vital to ensuring our bodies can run at full capacity and let’s face it, as healthy as we think we are, for most of us, we come up short. Even with a close to perfect diet we still may not be getting the amount of magnesium our bodies require. A little know fact, fruits, and vegetables have lost their mineral content over time due to soil depletion. By taking Natural Vitality Natural Calm, we are making ourselves invulnerable to magnesium depletion. Overall, we can only benefit. The body will excrete any extra magnesium.

Manda Lee Smith |

Incorporating it into your daily life is close to effortless. I keep mine on my coffee bar and add it to hot tea in the morning. I also keep a little container of it in my bag for mornings when I’m on-the-go. (I like to hit snooze a couple times too.) Sometimes, I’ll throw it into a smoothie or oatmeal. You can even add it into your baking or simply mix it into a glass of water. Any time of day is perfect. Natural Vitality has a plethora of yummy recipes HERE and we’ve teamed up to give you FREE SAMPLES!!! Follow THIS LINK to get yours!

This little peach above is one of my “Why’s” for pursuing a life that produces fruitfulness and peace. My children benefit from their mama bear being healthy and happy. Modeling self-care in the pursuit of a full life is one of the many things I hope to continue to show them as they grow and Natural Calm is one of those easy steps I can take on the best life road. #ExperienceCalm

* Thank you Natural Vitality for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own