Bobbi Brown | Buxom | Clarins | January 2019 Beauty Favorites

Manda Lee Smith |

BOBBI BROWN SKIN LONG-WEAR WEIGHTLESS FOUNDATION SPF 15: Combining both long wear and skin protection, two years of use and I’m still loving this foundation.

Yesterday I opened a package from Bobbi Brown on stories and it was full of favorites. I’m already a fan of both the Vitamin Enriched Face Base & the Extra Lip Tint. I used both of the other products last night and today to give you guys a quick first impression for this post.

Vitamin Enriched Face Base: If you played the video above then you know this is one Bobbi Brown product I love. It’s truly the best of both worlds acting as a moisturizer and a primer. I use this as my morning moisturizer before applying the foundation above.

Extra Lip Tint: Lip color instantly makes an outfit pop and personally, makes me feel put together even when I’m running out the door but I have to, need to, give my lips a break sometimes. These tints are ideal for nourishing and hydrating while still giving you a little bit of color to bring life to your look.

Illuminating Face Base FIRST IMPRESSION: I used this over my foundation and didn’t use any powder. It was a light and pretty dewey look. I feel like this makeup would look amazing with a button down white-t, a pair of flats, and a simple, but perfected, bobby pin hair detail for an effortless weekend look.

Soothing Face Cleanser Oil FIRST IMPRESSION: You guys know that for my skin type, I’m a big fan of a cleansing oil. I used this last night when removing my makeup and I choose to use it as a pre-crease first by rubbing it on my skin when dry, then proceeding to get my face wet and use it again. It really did an amazing job removing my makeup. I would never usually suggest that anyone with an oily skin use cleansing oil but this one may work and the reason is, for a cleansing oil, it’s not very oily. Usually, when using a cleansing oil, I go light on my night time hydrating moisturizer. After using this, I felt my skin actually needed the extra hydration.

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Manda Lee Smith |

RENE FURTERER VEGETAL TEXTURE SPRAY: Just enough texture without the heavy residue. I use it when doing half up hair styles and when I’m looking for an effortless waves look. It allows me to brush out but maintain some structure to my curl while giving me tons of volume and lift. I actually keep this in my car for touch ups during campaign projects. There’s only so many hair flips and hair touches my style can withstand before needing an extra boost of volume.

Manda Lee Smith |

BUXOM DIVINE GODDESS LUMINIZING HIGHLIGHT: A cream highlighter, it really does give you a goddess glow! All my Pretty Little Liars and, if you’ve seen it on Netflix, “You” fans, Shay Mitchell is the face behind this line. Who doesn’t want to emulate her gorgeous glow?

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CLARINS JOLI ROUGE GRADATION: The perfect shade of red for your skin tone, the Joli Rouge has been my bold lip grab lately.