Hair Edit

Hair Edit: I’m here for it.

Some of the fondest memories of my childhood are unknowingly wailing out inappropriate lyrics from my favorite Spice girls songs while perfectly arranging my butterfly clips. Memories long ago when I spent nearly a week crying because my zig-zag headband was really hurting my head and, at the ripe old age of 6, I’d realized I’d never marry a Hansen brother. So much of my time in the 90’s was embracing pop culture and the rise of fun hair & roll on lip gloss.

Hair accessories being a major moment right now has me forgetting my adult stresses and fully diving into the nostalgia of fun hair. Get inspired and have fun with some of the swoon-worthy 2019 hair accessory trends.

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We are seeing this classy and romantic hair trend everywhere. I love adding a simple barrette or something even more ornate like the one I’m wearing in the first image.



Move over Blair Waldorf, these headbands are next level. Artwork or hair accessory? Either way, I need them all! Below are some of my favorites!



At what point did someone say, “Nope, scrunchies aren’t a thing anymore.”

Dull hair day, scrunchie. Wrist feeling bland, scrunchie. Don’t want a dent in your hair, scrunchie. I rest my case.


Barettes & Pins

I love them in all shapes, sizes, and colors. No, I’m not talking about my taste in ice-cream, I’m talking about pins and barrettes. My favorites right now are rhinestone and bold, even quirky unexpected styles. It’s definitely worth mentioning that simple clips & basic pins are having their own little moment. Take those simple styles and create something that’s unique to you.