Straight From The Runway | 3 Pre-Fall 2019 Trends To Note


Leather & patent leather has been in the mix as a statement and doesn't seem to be leaving the radar anytime soon. Creating a distinct silhouette and a focus on color is the update for 2019. Two of my recent looks have supported the leather trend. The first I wore to NYFW, black collate pant & THIS rust quilted jacket. The second I wore this past week, an oversized patent leather navy jacket.

Style Trend Side Note: When it comes to pants and skirts, in general, we are seeing a throwback to the early 2000s with a lower waistline. Honestly, not sure if I’m here for the waistline as my mommy top, quite frankly, would rather stay in seclusion. The lower rise is one of those trends that you shouldn't feel pressured to wear. Take the crop top the past few years, it’s just not meant for everyone, and that’s okay.


Colorful and romantic with a ‘more is more’ ideology. Think color, sequin, ruffles, statement collars, feathers, jeweled, big sleeves, statement tights, and overly dressed. The Son Jung Wan show was a great example of this, bold yet romantic and playful. Basically, if it makes you feel something wear it, and that my friends, is what Evocatively Chosen is founded on, so please indulge in this one. Also at NYFW, in an unintended attempt to wear as many trends as possible, I wore an emboldened blue patent leather, puffer, jacket with pops of faux fur.


Monochromatic is another trend that’s been around and is sticking around. Predictable? Yes. So why is it holding? In my own personal opinion, we can’t let this one go because it’s instantly sleek without much thought. It’s one of those trends that we clutch because it’s grounding. So, to give this trend a fresh update, just incorporate other, newer trends. Think a monochromatic look that isn’t perfectly matched in color or texture, add some leather or a bold sleeve. You could give it an entirely romantic feel with mesh. A completely sequined or silver would revive this style futuristically and still keep the pure chic, and effortless quality we all love about it. Matching patterns would also be a pleasant update, zebra anyone?