How To Wear: A Shorter Style Dress

Manda Lee Smith |

The dreaded mini-dress. Ladies, I’m not going to lie, wearing a shorter style dress is something I’m not really used to anymore. I didn’t wear them while I was pregnant and now, almost seven months postpartum, I’m just feeling like this style flatters my body type. If you’ve done the math, it’s been a good 17 months since I’ve even thought about wearing this length of dress. Not to mention, I’m on the tall side, I’m chasing rugrats around, and it’s my last year in my 20’s. For me, all of that makes wearing a shorter style dresses, quite honestly, not that appealing. Then why wear it you ask? Well, while the thought of that style isn’t attractive, when I actually put on a dress like this, I DO feel confident. I feel like I’m not solely defined as being a mom and my husband, well, he’s a fan. Even my photographer noticed a difference in my overall demeanor while shooting. Hands up for the mamas that, like to live in PJs, but also like to dress up from time to time too!

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But still, there are logistic to wearing this style dress because I am on the taller side and do have three children. Below are a few tips on how I make this style work during this season of my life.

  1. SHORTS. Finding shorts that you can wear under this style makes me personally feel MUCH more comfortable. A shorter biker style is really best or even something Spanx like. The thought of bending over to play or help my children is no longer “pop star exiting a car in the 2000’s” cringe-worthy. No whoopsies here.

2. CHOOSE A SHORT HEEL, EMBELLISHED/EMBOSSED FLAT, OR WEDGE. I’m wearing a throwback Chloé sandal that I bring back year after year. It has a two-inch block heel which is short enough for me to live my life in but still feels dressed up at the same time.

3. TAKE YOUR BRA STYLE INTO CONSIDERATION WHEN THINKING ABOUT OVERALL DRESS STYLE IN THIS LENGTH. When you have a special event, you dress for that event, but when you’re purchasing dress styles for everyday wear, the less you are going to want to be fidgeting with them. I prefer dresses and rompers in this style to have sleeves and a modest neckline. I’m nursing and busty in general, so being able to wear a regular bra, gives me less to think about in this length dress. If you are going to wear a strappy or off-the-shoulder style in this length, be sure to have a strapless bra that fits you PROPERLY. Another good bra option is a sticky bra.

4. CONSIDER YOUR TAN OR DONT. I’m generally as white as our favorite dwarf befriending princess, and sometimes I’m totally into that fairest of them all look, BUT with this style, I usually prefer for my legs not to blind people as they walk by. Find a local tanner that you trust. Local South Carolina girls, I’m fully confident you’d love the services HERE or find a self-tanner that works well for you and stick with it.

Manda Lee Smith |

Have a wonderful week, ladies! I’m heading out for St.Augustine this weekend for our family vacation so I may not post again on here until I get back but in the meantime, I’ve linked some super cute dresses at all different price points that I’m loving in this length as well as my picks for shorts, self-tanner both natural and affordable, shoe options, and accessories, so that you all can feel 100% gorgeous and confident in this style!