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Pajama Blouse

Hey guys! So how's your week been? Mine has flown by! I still don't have a grip on my schedule since the little ones school started back. There are not enough hours in the day! I'm literally living in a rhythm where the minutes working overtime... and I'm pretty sure I've quoted that Empire of the Sun song three times this week on some form of social media. I don't know why it's been in my head so much?

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Relaxed Sunday

How was your weekend guys? I took a social media break and it was amazing. Sometimes I NEED that.

Saturday I went to the farmers market and got some AMAZING soy candles (post coming soon)  Then Sunday we took the little ones to the fair. It wasn't the biggest or the best but they're too little to know a difference and they had a blast. Brooke's been to the fair one other time so this time she was really excited to go on rides. She loved and hated them all at the same time.

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