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Blue Stripes & Black Denim

Hey everyone! I just want to start by saying thank you for the well prayers and wishes. I ended up having to go into the doctor after running a fever and feeling like someone was sitting on my chest. I have a double ear infection and acute pleurisy. So I'm on antibiotics and feeling SO much better. Those of you whom do not yet have children, ye be warned, when you do you are likely to be sick for three years straight. (Just binged watched The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies yesterday) All I can say is when you start THINKING about children make sure you've got good health insurance. 

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Fall Favorite: Trousers

Honest moment. I'm literally sick and tired. 

James ended up with a stomach bug this weekend and then we all ended up with some other sort of virus on top of that. Between the steam cleaning, laundry, and my own sickness, I just want to sleep for a few days. I'm still nursing and can't take anything for, well, anything so I've been using my oils and drinking more coffee than I should hoping it'll get me through the day. It has but only barely. It's 7 and it's t-minus about an hour until I can curl up in bed and pray to feel better in the morning. 

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Vera Bradley & People Style Watch

It shouldn't be any surprise that I'm a farmers market type of girl and Greenville has an amazing one! Crowded, yes, but amazing. I would be there every weekend but it's so tough to navigate my wide load stroller around the streets much less actually approach the booths. So I've foregone it all this year but Dustin kindly offered to watch the little one's so I could check out local artisans and stock up on some home grown organics!

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