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Form Fitting Black Skirt and Flowing Blouse

Hey everyone! I had such an amazing weekend celebrating James 1st Birthday with family! I'm in awe of how quickly this year has gone by but I'm looking forward to watching his sweet personality continue to develop as he grows. As a mother I cherish every moment they are little and I can hold them in my arms and so every birthday is very exciting but also bitter sweet because one day they won't need me by their side for every first. Ok so let me stop the tears and move onto my look. :)

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Summer Beauty Picks and Reviews

All of these products came from iHerb. I was really happy to have found this site. It's a great hub for natural and organic beauty products. They also have such a wide range of product not just beauty. I get some of nutritional stuff from them like organic chia seeds because they are less expensive than Whole Foods. So for someone like me who loves new natural products, it really is a perfect place for me to shop. 

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