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Bestie Brunching X Hammitt LA

Brookie was so excited to have a girls day and take pictures with Mama. We're toting our gorgeous 'Mommy & Me' bags from Hammitt LA! Over the past year Hammitt has easily become one of my favorite luxury brands. Their playful, effortless designs paired with the most amazing quality leaves me in awe of every piece I have from them. Needless to say, I was thrilled that my little one and I would get to experience the cuteness that is matching bags from their newly launched line!

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Relaxed Sunday

How was your weekend guys? I took a social media break and it was amazing. Sometimes I NEED that.

Saturday I went to the farmers market and got some AMAZING soy candles (post coming soon)  Then Sunday we took the little ones to the fair. It wasn't the biggest or the best but they're too little to know a difference and they had a blast. Brooke's been to the fair one other time so this time she was really excited to go on rides. She loved and hated them all at the same time.

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Long Vest For Pre-Fall

Hi everyone! I wanted to start by giving you guys an exciting update! I'm going to start the rebranding process. It's a discussion I've been having for a few months now. I feel if I'm going to do it now's the time. Because I switched hosting sites early on, many of you may not know that I started this blog as more of a family blog that also documented me sorting out my style after becoming a mama.

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