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Pajama Blouse

Hey guys! So how's your week been? Mine has flown by! I still don't have a grip on my schedule since the little ones school started back. There are not enough hours in the day! I'm literally living in a rhythm where the minutes working overtime... and I'm pretty sure I've quoted that Empire of the Sun song three times this week on some form of social media. I don't know why it's been in my head so much?

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Fall Favorite: Trousers

Honest moment. I'm literally sick and tired. 

James ended up with a stomach bug this weekend and then we all ended up with some other sort of virus on top of that. Between the steam cleaning, laundry, and my own sickness, I just want to sleep for a few days. I'm still nursing and can't take anything for, well, anything so I've been using my oils and drinking more coffee than I should hoping it'll get me through the day. It has but only barely. It's 7 and it's t-minus about an hour until I can curl up in bed and pray to feel better in the morning. 

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