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Off The Shoulder Tunic

This off the shoulder tunic was definitely a favorite and is sold out in my color. You can find it in blue HERE. If I were an inch or so shorter (I'm 5'7) it would be used as a dress in addition to a tunic and blouse. I feel like this is a top that we assume to wear with jeans so I really wanted to do something that made more of a statement.

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Blue Stripes & Black Denim

Hey everyone! I just want to start by saying thank you for the well prayers and wishes. I ended up having to go into the doctor after running a fever and feeling like someone was sitting on my chest. I have a double ear infection and acute pleurisy. So I'm on antibiotics and feeling SO much better. Those of you whom do not yet have children, ye be warned, when you do you are likely to be sick for three years straight. (Just binged watched The Pirates Of The Caribbean movies yesterday) All I can say is when you start THINKING about children make sure you've got good health insurance. 

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